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Bigg Boss: The Rise of Kaushal and His Army!

Bigg Boss: The Rise of Kaushal and His Army!

Kaushal, a small time actor and an ad agency owner was one of the sixteen contestants that stepped into the Bigg Boss house in this season.

Although he is a familiar face for television audiences, Kaushal didn’t have the popularity like other celeb contestants like Tanish, Tejaswi, Babu Gogineni etc.

He couldn’t make any impact in the initial days and was simply seen hanging around the female contestants. In fact he was on the verge of getting evicted in the second week.

Female contestants like Deepthi Sunaina and Bhanu Sri nominated him by saying that they don't like his company. 

But things took an unexpected turn mid-week when Tejaswi started a fight regarding food. Later, Kaushal was targeted by Kireeti Damaraju during the captaincy task.

He squeezed lemons into Kaushal’s eyes when his hands were tied and Bhanu threw turmeric powder onto his face.

Kireeti went overboard by alleging that women in the house have problems with Kaushal. He raised his voice and staged a drama that didn’t go well with the viewers.

Kaushal took on Kireeti after the task and proved that his allegations are not true. All the ladies in the house didn’t support Kireeti’s claims, which led to massive uproar from the viewers.

They sympathized with Kaushal and a few supporters on social media started a hashtag called #KaushalArmy in support of Kaushal.

After the incident, Kaushal got maximum votes on Thursday and Friday which saved him from eviction. Kireeti was into nominations in the following week and his eviction was not a surprise to anybody. 

Despite all this Tejaswi didn’t stop targeting Kaushal. Her foul mouth and dominating nature have been disliked by Bigg Boss fans.

After a couple of weeks, Tejaswi was caught on cameras plotting a plan to push Kaushal out of the house. She bad mouthed Kaushal using Bhanu Sri’s allegations during the luxury budget task and made a scene out of it.

Bhanu Sri totally lost it when she alleged that Kaushal touched her inappropriately. Tejaswi used it to show Kaushal in bad light, but Geetha Madhuri took a stand and said that Kaushal is not at fault.

This incident resulted in the eviction of Bhanu Sri and Tejaswi in consecutive weeks. Kaushal Army grew stronger by the day, which is the main reason for eviction of Bhanu and Tejaswi.

When Bigg Boss announced reentry of one of the evicted contestants, Kaushal Army worked round the clock to make sure that neither Bhanu nor Tejaswi comeback into the house.

Tejaswi’s PR and her strong social media following couldn’t even secure her second place in the voting. Kaushal is unaware of his following outside the house part from a few clues from his wife and wild card entry Pooja Ramachandran.

In fact, he was prepared to leave the show by the end of second week. But the bullying and the stupid act of character assassination from strong players made him a hero as he singlehandedly fought against all the odds.

Kaushal isn’t a great player. His argument is weak and comes up with silly explanations most of the time. But his negatives are being covered by his strong will and calmness that he maintains during crunch situations.

He never badmouthed anybody even when others used foul words against him. He also apologizes to others even when he is not at wrong. This is gaining more sympathy from viewers that are currently deciding the outcome of every poll.

Meanwhile, other housemates who don’t have clue about Kaushal’s following outside are continuing to either target or elude him. Babu Gogineni openly claimed that he has more following than Kaushal that he can throw him out of the house.

Supporters of Babu and Tanish in the house are still considering Kaushal as a weak contestant who can get evicted any time. But they don’t have any idea of what is happening outside. Perhaps the reentry of Nutan Naidu over Tejaswi may alert them if they are clever enough to analyze.

As of now Kaushal almost secured his spot in the finalists unless he gets carried away and does a grave error to lose the support of his army.



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