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Bigg Boss Sarayu In Depression!

Bigg Boss Sarayu In Depression!

Some celebrities are known only for a set of people. But when they are given space on a bigger platform, they will be known to many. Once they are known, people tend to search about them online.

When they discover something graceful that's fine. But when they come across the videos related to the person with adult content and vulgar words, that will be abhorring for many.

Sarayu is known only to a few people until she was recognized by the Bigg Boss show. Many were shocked to see her on the mainstream program. But surprisingly she was eliminated in the first week itself.

It seems that she wanted to continue in the show with her bold style. For some reason, she was sent out in the first week itself.

Sources say that she is very upset about this. She is also worried to discover that she was not given enough screen space in the show. But she is expecting that she may get a chance to re enter the show as a wild card entry.

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