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Bigg Boss Nani Gets Trolled For Attacking Trolls

Bigg Boss Nani Gets Trolled For Attacking Trolls

Bigg Boss host Nani seemed unhappy to see Tejaswi Madivada evicted from his show. As Tejaswi was preparing to walk out of the house, Nani took a class to internet trolls who used abusive language against her.

This is not the first time that Nani attacked internet trolls as Bigg Boss host. He has been pretty vocal about internet trolls post Sri Reddy’s allegations against him.

However, Nani is getting trolled for his speech as he conveniently ignored Tejaswi’s abusive behavior and language against other housemates.

She was particularly abusive against actor Kaushal, which eventually turned out to be the major reason for her eviction.

The ‘apple’ drama that Tejaswi and Bhanusri Reddy did during the ‘good and evil task’ was the main reason for them to get evicted from the show before many other weaker contestants.

Tejaswi’s vulgar language has earned her ‘the worst contestant of Bigg Boss season 2’ tag. Nani tried to correct her, but he was too late to address her abusive language. Damage was already done by the time Nani had warned her.

Tejaswi and Bhanu started off the season as favorites to be the finalists, but ended up getting evicted too early as they indulged in character assassination.

Instead of pointing out her mistakes, Nani tried to go soft on her as she left the house. He tried to put blame on internet trolls for spreading hate.

Trolls are now targeting him for not realizing the destruction that Tejaswi had done to her image by looking down on many other housemates.

Irony is that Tejaswi got evicted before commoner Ganesh, whom she didn’t consider as competition at all.

Tejaswi used to say that Ganesh can be thrown out whenever they wanted, so let’s target strong contestants first. She is the only one who talked multiple times about the Rs. 50 lakh prize money.

She might have thought that her popularity and glamour will help her win the show. Maintaining good public image is the key to win this show is what she didn’t realize even after the eviction. She left the show by stating that she has won the hearts of housemates. 

But what’s the point in winning (influencing?) ten members when she couldn’t win the hearts of crores of people outside.



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