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Bigg Boss 2: Top Players Under Eviction Threat!

Bigg Boss 2: Top Players Under Eviction Threat!

As expected top players (celebrities) in the house are under eviction threat this week. Tanish and Babu Gogineni who constantly targeted Kaushal after Tejaswi's eviction have been nominated in running race task.

Kaushal fans have been waiting for this moment and everything went as per their wish. Kaushal escaped nominations and Tanish and Babu were nominated along with three other female contestants and Ganesh.

Once again commoner Ganesh is getting better votes compared to Babu and Tanish.

Unless something unusual happens in the house in Wednesday and Thursday episodes to boost Babu and Tanish’s chances, one of them or both of them will get evicted on this Sunday.

Voting trends are clearly indicating that Tanish and Babu are lagging behind other nominated contestants.

Babu Gogineni worsened his chances with Tuesday episode where his double standards were exposed again. Tanish on the other hand is not actively participating in tasks besides chatting with Deepthi Sunaina.

While commoners and other contestants that are playing safe are still staying away from public wrath, Pooja Ramachandran and Roll Rida already have done horrible mistakes in this week. They should try and escape next week’s nominations to escape eviction threat.



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