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Bigg Boss 2 Losing Respect With Scripted Nominations

Bigg Boss 2 Losing Respect With Scripted Nominations

There is always a bigg question mark hanging over the spontaneity in Bigg Boss house. There have been many allegations about the show being a scripted one and the housemates according to the script.

However, first season of Bigg Boss never looked like it was scripted. The quarrels, nominations and eliminations all seemed authentic with NTR at the helm.

Second season of Telugu Bigg Boss is anything but authentic, opine netizens and the followers of the show. There has been a deliberate attempt to save certain high paid housemates to save from nominations.

Monday’s elimination process has made it pretty clear that Bigg Boss is helping a few contestants without getting nominated.

Samrat and Tejaswi couple is the most hated among Bigg Boss 2 housemates and they are likely to get eliminated if they are into nominations this week. So Bigg Boss had given them easy tasks to save them from being nominated.

Samrat had to clean shave for the sake of saving Tejaswi from nominations. Samrat was given even easier task. Tanish had to immerse his leather jacket in a paint tub to save his friend from being nominated. Really!

It is obvious that Bigg Boss is trying to make Tejaswi look better so that her past image wouldn’t haunt in further nominations.

Also they are targeting a few contestants like Kaushal and TV9 Deepthi to get out of the house.

It is strategic to save high paid contestants but pushing away able competitors for the sake of the former will only make the show spiceless as it reaches the final stages.

What would a bunch of friends or birds of the same flock do when the show enters ninth or tenth week? Bad plan boss!



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