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Bigg Boss 2: Desperate Attempt to Bring Tejaswi Back?

Bigg Boss 2: Desperate Attempt to Bring Tejaswi Back?

Telugu Bigg Boss organizers got a rude shock as Tejaswi Madivada evicted from the show sooner than anticipated.

Despite Bigg Boss’s best efforts to save Tejaswi from eviction, overwhelming hate against her rude behavior from all sections of public had thrown her out.

Organisers might have thought of sending her back into the house by using secret room tactics, but may have backed out fearing public ire.

However, they have found another way to send her back into the house on the very next day she got evicted from the show.

As per latest announcement, Bigg Boss is conducting a poll to vote for crowd’s favorite among the eliminated ones.

Announcing this poll right after Tejaswi’s eviction has been drawing criticism from Bigg boss fans already.

As Tejaswi is the most popular of all the evicted contestants, she has good chances to get back into the show.

Tejaswi also has the help of promotional teams that worked round the clock when she was in nominations. Other evicted contestants didn’t have any paid sources to get votes.

Tejaswi also has a chance to know the public pulse during this week and get back into the show with fresh strategy. But before that she will have to win this public poll.

Chances are highly unlikely for public to have an opinion change on Tejaswi in spite of Bigg Boss white washing her image during the eviction process.

However, in the mean time they can influence the public opinion to an extent by showing other contestants in bad light.



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