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Bigg Boss 2: Contestants Lack Star Appeal

Bigg Boss 2: Contestants Lack Star Appeal

The second season of 'Bigg Boss' has no high profile stars.

The 16 contestants that were announced today in the first episode by Nani, who replaced NTR as host in this season, are taken from various walks of life – acting, singing, media and social sphere.

Tanish and Tejaswi are the only two popular stars. Rest of the contestants are lesser known celebrities.

1.Geeta Madhuri
She is popular singer with many hit numbers to her credit. She has good male following.

2. Amit Tiwari
Amit has played negative roles in movies. He is bad guy of Tollywood.

3. Deepthi Nallamothu
She is popular Television anchor works in TV9. Resident of Vijaywada, Deepthi is married has a son.

4. Tanish
Tanish is the only popular star in the show. Even though Tanish has no offers on hand right now, he regularly hits the headlines with his off-screen activities.

5. Babu Gogineni
He is rationalist and regular face on news channels.

6. Bhanu Sri
Bhanu Sri is budding actress. She has played body double for Tamannah in ‘Baahubali’.

7. Roll Rida
A rap singer and photographer. Roll Rida is not known to general public much.

8. Shyamala
Shyamala is most popular anchor on TV. She also acted in some movies. She left her 10 months old son at home to participate in the show.

9. Kireeti Damaraju
Kireeti Damaraju is actor known for playing roles of bridegroom. He is upcoming character artiste from Guntur.

10. Deepthi Sunaina
Deepthi Sunaiana is popular on Instagram. She is queen of social media. She does dubmash.

11. Kaushal
A budding artiste and bodybuilder.

12. Tejaswi Madiwada
She is the most popular and crowd-puller of this show. Tejaswi is current rage. She has great fan following.

13. Samrat Reddy
Samrat Reddy has played as male lead in some films and is also brother of popular socialite Shilpa Reddy. He recently got arrested in a case of harassing his wife.

14. Ganesh
He is a guy chosen from general public. He is from Vijayawada. He is also RJ, he says.

15. Sanjana Anne
Model, Miss India finalist from Vijayawada.

16. Nutan Naidu
Common man from Vizag



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