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'Bichagadu 2' Breaks Even in Telugu States

'Bichagadu 2' Breaks Even in Telugu States

After a long hiatus, Vijay Antony has achieved success once again with "Bichagadu 2." "Bichagadu" marked the Tamil star's initial breakthrough in Telugu cinema, and he has managed to replicate that success with the sequel.

Following the release of "Bichagadu," he appeared in several films, but none of them were commercially successful. However, his decision to create a sequel to "Bichagadu" has proven to be a winning move.

The film has managed to break even in the Telugu market, ensuring profits for the distributor. In the Nizam region, the film has already become profitable, and other areas are expected to see profits by the second weekend. The Tamil version of "Bichagadu 2" is performing decently.

As a result, Vijay Antony is now focusing on aggressively promoting the film in the Telugu market. This success has bolstered the actor's confidence.


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