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Bheeshma Teaser: Nithin Gets A Khushi Moment!

Bheeshma Teaser: Nithin Gets A Khushi Moment!

The famous 'nadumu' scene from iconic Khushi movie is still one of the most used references in Telugu Cinema.

Pawan Kalyan's expressions and Mani Sharma's background music made it one of the most popular scenes ever. 

Now Pawan's diehard fan Nithin tries to replicate it in his upcoming film Bheeshma. Two scenes are different yet they have many similarities between them.

Nithin walking behind Rashmika with his hands open like he is trying to grab her by the waist is how Nithin as Bheeshma is introduced to us.

Bheeshma has a tagline that reads Single Forever, but Nithin appears to be deeply immersed in love with Rashmika.

The teaser is simple yet effective and director Venky Kudumula proves that he knows how to grab the attention of youth. Bheeshma is aiming for release on February 21, 2020. 


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