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Bhagamati Trailer to be attached to BB2!

Bhagamati Trailer to be attached to BB2!

Both Prabhas and Ansushka are planning to milk the craze that Rajamouli's "Baahubali 2" has.

We have already broken the news that Prabhas's next film being directed by Sujith will be commencing to shoot the teaser first in a bid to attach that to the prints of "Baahubali 2".

Latest information is that Anushka's "Bhagamati" too would be doing the same.

Insiders say, Anushka who has lengthy and prime role in the second part of "Baahubali" is hoping that the movie would give huge boost to her career now.

"Bhagamati", a graphical horror comedy movie will be her next movie after the release of "Baahubali 2". So if the teaser is attached to BB 2, "Bhagamati" would get wider publicity nationwide.

Incidentally, both Prabhas's next and Anushka's "Bhagamati" are produced by UV Creations. So, they have easily made the producers of Baahubali to agree to this proposal. 



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