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Bengal Tiger Irks Non Pawan Fans

Bengal Tiger Irks Non Pawan Fans

Director Sampath Nandi went overboard in showing his love towards Powerstar Pawan Kalyan in Bengal Tiger movie.

He has been receiving a lot of flak from other heroes fans that are irked by unwanted Pawan Kalyan references in the film.

Raviteja is liked by all heroes fans and they are surprised to see him allow Sampath Nandi to do Pawan Bhajana in Bengal Tiger.

Although Bengal Tiger is getting good reception especially at the single screens, people on social media are blasting Sampath Nandi for making a mediocre product.

Most of the criticism is from Mahesh, NTR and other heroes fans that didn’t like the director’s special efforts to please Pawan Kalyan and his fans.

Looks like Sampath Nandi is trying to please Pawan Kalyan in every other way to grab a chance to direct him.

Sampath missed out on Sardaar Gabbar Singh despite working on the script for more than two years. However he is not disappointed with Pawan Kalyan for shattering his dreams and leaving him in distress. He still loves Pawan and is trying to impress him.

Will Pawan call upon this young director and give him another chance?



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