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Beneficiary Nag Maintains Silence on YSR's Yatra

Beneficiary Nag Maintains Silence on YSR's Yatra

The one Tollywood star who immensely benefitted from late YSR is Akkineni Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna received all support from YSR.

But the actor didn’t post a single a tweet about ‘Yatra’, before the release or the after the release wishing the movie success or asking his fans to watch it.

YSR fans are slamming Nagarjuna on the social media for being selfish and disloyal.

Despite opposition parties attacking on him for flouting rules in favour of Nagarjuna, YSR went ahead in giving permission to his Annapurna Seven acres to build a big multiplex.

However, after the demise of YSR, Nagarjuna did drop the plans of constructing multiplex in the land there. Instead, he constructed lavish AC studio floors, a film school and other film infra buildings.

It is also no secret that YSR helped him in other ways too. 



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