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Barring Mahesh, All Of His Family Endorses

Barring Mahesh, All Of His Family Endorses

Have you seen the ads about Homeocare International on television recently? Well, the ad is endorsed by superstar Krishna.

Later, his wife comes into the scene and endorses their products. And last, but not the least, their son-in-law Sudheer Babu too endorses the products. So, in all, barring Mahesh everyone from the family has endorsed the company.

But is it right to do so, especially since homeopathy is a traditional form of medicine, the effects of which are still being debated? Already, a lot of programmes on television revolve around diabetes and it has become a fad of sorts to promote medical products to gullible people.

To add to this jamboree of doctors, is it necessary for actors to get into the act too? Shouldn’t they think on these lines and stay off these over-hyped products and services?



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