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Banners Of Jr NTR Removed On Balayya's Orders

Banners Of Jr NTR Removed On Balayya's Orders

Today is the death anniversary of NTR. Obviously, crowds related to TDP and Nandamuri fans flock to his tomb in NTR Marg, Hyderabad.

It is also common to see banners and flexes of Jr NTR along with Balakrishna and other family members.

In recent times, TDP party members themselves have given importance to Jr NTR by carrying flags with his pictures in public meetings of TDP.

There have been occasions when his name was shouted as a slogan in front of Chandrababu Naidu in public speeches as well.

However, this time Balakrishna took a serious step by instructing his people to remove all the flexes of Jr NTR from today's occasion at NTR Ghat. Balakrishna instructed his people to remove them immediately.

With this, the differences between Jr NTR and the Nandamuri family are once again exposed.

Even in the recent arrest episode of Chandrababu Naidu, we have seen how Jr NTR remained silent. This has disturbed Balakrishna and the family a lot.

Now, with the latest flexes issue, the distance betwen Jr NTR and Nandamuri family has further widened.


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