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Balayya Babu Calls NTR A Dictator

Balayya Babu Calls NTR A Dictator

See who's calling late NTR a dictator! It's none other than his son and 'nannagaru'-chanting Nandamuri Balakrishna.

He called him Dictator the other day while speaking at the swearing in of HIndupur TDP leader Ranganayakulu as the chairman of BC Corporation. Balayya said his father could achieve development only because he was a dictator. 

He further said NTR did not know how to deal with people and he was not wise enough. He also said NTR did not know how to play politics and was straight forward. NTR trusted the people and reposed his faith in them, he said.

Does he mean to say that Chandrababau is not developing the state because he is not a dictator? Does it mean that unlike NTR, Chandrababu knows how to play politics.

But, was NTR really a dictator and is it right on the part of Balayya Babu to call his father a dictator. Like All Balaiah speeches, this one too is very confusing.



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