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Balakrishna Impressed With Prudhvi!

Balakrishna Impressed With Prudhvi!

The year 2015 clearly belongs to comedian Prudhvi as he has gained good stardom this year with several hits to his credit.

In Bengal Tiger, his role was the main asset and many cite he was the reason for its decent success. Such praise used to be reserved only for Brahmanandam but the senior comedian has failed to generate any laughs this year so far in any movies. So the alternative is Prudhvi.

Strangely, even Nandamuri Balakrishna too is reportedly impressed with Prudhvi's comedy. In some of his past movies including Loukyam, Prudhvi did spoofs on Balakrishna's movies.

Still, Balayya reportedly enjoyed Prudhvi’s performance and he superficially wanted him to play the lengthy role in Dictator.

So Prudhvi is emerging as the number one comedian in Tollywood.



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