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Balakrishna Disowns Jr NTR Completely

Balakrishna Disowns Jr NTR Completely

Nandamuri Balakrishna has had a complex and ambivalent relationship with Junior NTR.

Although there appeared to be a reconciliation between Balakrishna and NTR Jr. following the tragic death of Hari Krishna, NTR Jr's father, in a road accident, their relationship soured subsequently.

NTR and Kalyan Ram, the Nandamuri Brothers, are deliberately distancing themselves from TDP and its chief leader Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Therefore, the TDP faction is in direct opposition to NTR Jr. Balakrishna openly expressed his dissatisfaction with his nephew.

Balakrishna categorically rejected the proposal to have NTR Jr as a guest when the producers of "Unstoppable" suggested his name.

Currently, Balayya has entirely disassociated himself from Jr NTR and has ordered the removal of the flexis featuring the "RRR" star at the NT Rama Rao ghat on Thursday.

When Balakrishna visited the ghat on Necklace Road in Hyderabad to pay his respects to his deceased father, NT Rama Rao, his party members informed him that the area was adorned with numerous banners featuring Junior NTR. He became instantly infuriated and demanded that they be taken down.

In addition to removing them, he explicitly stated that Nara Lokesh, his son-in-law, is the rightful successor to NT Rama Rao's legacy, unlike others (meaning NTR Jr).

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