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Bachchan In North And Siddharth In South

Bachchan In North And Siddharth In South

The presence and magnanimity of Amitabh Bachchan is beyond comprehension. Over the years, he stood as a tall pillar to Indian cinema.

Even today, his energy and zeal amazes many and that can be seen in the way he has followers in Twitter and the kind of tweets he puts.

Now, Big B has found a contemporary in the south. He is none other than Siddharth.

Reports say it is Bachchan in the north and Siddharth in the south who have the maximum number of Twitter followers. Sidz has become the first south Indian actor to have a one million following.

The common feature among both the actors is that they are prompt on Twitter, have an analytical and critical point of view towards issues and most importantly, they articulate their thoughts in such a way that there is a lot of flavor and attraction seen in it.

For now, congrats to both the men!



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