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Baahubali Team Betting Big On China

Baahubali Team Betting Big On China

Even as Rajamouli and his team are busy shooting for Baahubali 2, the last portion in two-part movie, his producers are praying for miracles to happen in China.

The first part of “Baahubali” will be releasing in China shortly. If the movie succeeds in China, the producers will be benefited in huge way. They will see the real solid money from “Baahubali” now. 

“Baahubali” didn’t set box-office on fire anywhere in the world where it released other than in India and USA. Since China is a big market, if the movie succeeds, the revenue would be huge and also it would pave way for second part’s big release. 

There is also talk that the movie is already trending on China’s social media platforms. The producers sold off China’s rights to EStar, a top distribution company in that country and the distributor is hoping to recover the money as it is releasing in large number of screens.

The second part’s overseas business is dependent the first part’s success in China. So Rajamouli and his team praying for its success.



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