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Baahubali Lands Prabhas In High Demand

Baahubali Lands Prabhas In High Demand

With Mirchi, Prabhas' range increased and now with Baahubali he has reached new level say industry insiders.

Prior to the release of Baahubali, there were write-ups about Prabhas’ future and how Baahubali was adversely impacting his career. However, post release, media is full of stories of how Baahubali has introduced Prabhas to new markets.

Thanks to Rana, Baahubali got a positive buzz in Bollywood. And the film has been released in Telugu, Tamil and other languages.

So, from a unsure future, Prabhas is now a known face all over thanks to Rajamouli’s marketing strategy.

Earlier, it was said that Prabhas had given his nod to Baahubali after charging Rs 25 crores. However, Prabhas has always maintained that he wanted to be a part of a prestigious project like Baahubali.

Now, there is talk in Film Nagar that Prabhas’ range has increased manifold and surely Prabhas has become a well-known name all over India.



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