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Baahubali Formula Being Repeated for Prabhas's Next

Baahubali Formula Being Repeated for Prabhas's Next

Prabhas's next movie, an adventure thriller that is to be made on the lines of Hollywood blockbusters 'Mission Impossible" and "Bourne Identity", is turning out to be bigger than imagined.

UV Creations, the production house known for making quality entertainers, is investing huge money on this movie to make an international-range entertainer.

Buzz is that production house has roped in Tamil and Hindi writers already to work on the movie sets, as it is to be released in three languages.

Rajamouli used writers from Tamil and Hindi industry even before he commenced the shoot. So both the versions clicked big time.

Normally when films are released in other languages, the writers are taken to translate the Telugu dialogues during post-production but for 'Baahubali', the Tamil and Hindi writers were used from the beginning of the pre-production work. Similar style is being used for Prabhas's next.

According to our sources, Prabhas and his team have big plans for his next movies. From now, he will be doing trilingual movies so that his market would be pan-India.



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