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Baahubali: A Big Flop In China

Baahubali: A Big Flop In China

All the hopes producers of "Baahubali" have put in on the box-office of China were dashed off. "Baahubali The Beginning" that was released on22nd June in China in record number of screens for an Indian movie. The film opened to decent openings in the first weekend but it didn't draw any audience further.

Under the tsunami collections of Jet Li’s ‘League’ and Jackie Chan's “Skiptrace” and other Chinese movies, "Baahubali" failed to entice Chinese audiences. Moreover, for the mainland Chinese audiences, these kind of movies is not new. They have seen far better period visual spectacular dramas than "Baahubali". Hence the movie has ended up as a loser for the distributor.

Arca Media, the production house of "Baahubali", was hoping that the success of part one in China would bring good price for the second part. But their hopes have now been dashed off with the cold response the "Beginning" has received in mainland China. 



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