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Avika Finds It Tough to Promote Herself

Avika Finds It Tough to Promote Herself

Telly actress Avika Gor who shot to fame with Uyyala Jampala in Tollywood is finding it hard to promote herself now.

Her debut film in Telugu was a success and media was after her for interviews and sound bytes. Soon after, she hiked her remuneration and did a movie called Lakshmi Rave Maa Intiki.

At the time of her second film release, she is said to have thrown tantrums during press interactions. The movie failed and no maker signed her after that.

Now Avika has a new movie, Cinema Choopista Mama lined up for release, which she signed even before the release of Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki.

And the Balika Badhu actress is surprised to know that the film hasn't generated any buzz. Even the media has been keeping off her.

It is known that Avika hit big time with her serial Chinnari Pellikooturu or Balika Badhu. But mismanaging her PR costs any actor dearly and we hope she learns from her past experiences and gets her act right!



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