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ASSA trailer: Quirky yet intriguing

ASSA trailer: Quirky yet intriguing

Stand-up comedian Naveen Polishetty is making his debut as solo hero with the film ‘Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya.’

Naveen has impressed us all with the first look and teaser. Now ‘Dangal’ director Nitesh Tiwari has launched the trailer of it.

It starts off in an entertaining way like people teasing the protagonist as an LIC agent instead of a detective. Somehow Naveen manages to get the attention of police and solves his first case.

His pay for solving the case is Rs 116 which is quite hilarious. Then comes the twist where the latter half of the trailer gets serious.

A murder mystery case reaches ‘Agent Sai Srinivas’ and this takes things in a racy way. But the case is quite complicated and it has many folds.

How the agent chases this murder case forms the plot.



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