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An Acid Test For Young Director

An Acid Test For Young Director

There is no disputing the fact that the future of Maruthi depends a lot on Kotha Janta. So far, Maruthi has been the king of small cinema and more importantly, he has called all the shots.

Everything regarding the films has always been under his control. All that changed with Kotha Janta.

Apart from being entrusted with the future of Allu Sirish, who is a perfect person to play the role of a ghost in any horror movie, Maruthi has been given strict instructions in terms of budget and content.

He has been seriously asked to refrain from having any of his usual non-veg content in Kotha Janta. In other words, Maruthi has no command over the whole project.

He might have felt safe thinking that he had Venkatesh’s ‘Radha’ in hand even if ‘Kotha Janta fails. But that project has been stalled because of controversy.

Nithiin has given the green signal to a Maruthi script, but that is scheduled to take off after Kotha Janta. So, if Kotha Janta fails, Nithiin might not go ahead with his commitment. So, Kotha Janta is a real acid test for Maruthi.



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