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An Acid Test For Vijay Devarakonda

An Acid Test For Vijay Devarakonda

One Friday, Arjun Reddy catapulted Vijay Devarakonda to stardom. Another Friday, Liger brought this meteor crashing to earth further accentuated by the subsequent flop Khushi.

Needless to say, his upcoming film Family Star releasing tomorrow is extremely for him at this stage in his career.

The positive thing about Family Star is that it is directed by Parasuram who gave Vijay Devarakonda his biggest career hit Geetha Govindam. However, Parasuram himself messed up the opportunity of his life when he got Sarakaru Vaari Paata.

Also, he got into the bad books of leading actors like Naga Chaitanya with his indiscipline. So, can Devarakonda and Parasuram work their magic one more time?

Liger had such a negative impact on Devarakonda’s career that Sukumar cancelled his project with him.

Vijay also accepted a project in the direction of Gowtham Tinnanauri, director of Jersey. This was a movie Ram Charan was supposed to do that he subsequently cancelled and Vijay accepted it.

The social media team of producer Dil Raju is desperately trying to shore up Vijay Devarakonda’s image saying his market is intact and that he had charged Rs 15 crore as remuneration for Family Star.

But fact of the matter is that after Vijay became a star, Family Star is the movie releasing with the least possible buzz and all attention is focused on the Malayalam hit Manjummel Boys which is releasing in Telugu.

Actors are born and die on Fridays. If Family Star does well, all’s well that ends well for Devarakonda. And for his sake, let’s hope that this Friday will ring in another success for him.


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