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Allu Arjun's Sentiment Puts Trivikram Under Pressure

Allu Arjun's Sentiment Puts Trivikram Under Pressure

Stylish star Allu Arjun made his debut in 2003 with Gangotri and made sure to have at least one release every calendar year.

But his personal record is under threat as he took a huge break after his last film Naa Peru Surya. His upcoming film #AA19 with Trivikram was launched only a few weeks ago.

Allu Arjun doesn't want to have zero releases in 2019, which means Trivikram has to finish #AA19 by November so that they can go for December release to keep actor's sentiment intact.

Wonder why Allu Arjun took so much time to start the filming if he didn't want to miss out on this calendar. The delay in start has put Trivikram and his team under pressure now.

However, Trivikram had ample time for pre production to ensure that there aren't any delays in the filming schedules.

The release date for #AA19 isn't locked yet, but there is a strong buzz that it would release in the third week of December, just ahead of Christmas weekend.



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