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All Mega Heroes In One Frame!

All Mega Heroes In One Frame!

Arrangements are in full swing for the pre-release meet of Khaidi No 150, which is expected to be attended by all heroes from the Mega family.

While Varun Tej and Sai Dharam Teja announced that they were taking a break from their shootings of their films – Mister and Winner – to attend the gala function, Allu Arjun too is getting ready to appear on the stage. Only hero who is left out is Pawan Kalyan and there are indications that he, too, might attend the function. 

According to the gossip doing rounds in the film circles, Pawan’s presence has not been confirmed well in advance only to avoid problems from his fans.

Since there is no bigger event in the near future with regard to mega family, there is every possibility that Pawan would attend the function. Other say everybody from the family, except Pawan, would be there at the function.

Sources close to the event, however, made one thing clear without any specific reference to Pawan that all Mega heroes would come within one frame on the stage.

In fact, the idea of calling veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao as the chief guest too the function was given by Pawan himself. So, it is learnt Pawan’s entry would be announced only at in the last minute and till such time, there would only be specualtions.

There is also talk that if Pawan does not come to the function, there would be chaos from his fans who would raise slogans in support of power star. So, it is better if Pawan comes to the function and efforts are on in this direction, said sources.



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