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Ali Reza Evicted From Bigg Boss Season 3

Ali Reza Evicted From Bigg Boss Season 3

Television actor Ali Reza who is popularly known as the 'six pack guy' in Bigg Boss Season 3 got evicted from the show according to sources.

Ali, who gets hyper aggressive during tasks escaped getting into nominations for six weeks. He is into the nominations for the first time in seven weeks and audience had shown him the door.

Ali has been one of the trusted aides of Srimukhi in the house. He has shown immense favouritism towards the popular Television anchor and his aggression has crossed the line on more than couple of instances.

He also got warned by the host Nagarjuna for losing his cool at times. Ali's eviction will be a severe blow to Srimukhi, who uses him as her main weapon during physical tasks.

Meanwhile, Nagarjuna has let go off Srimukhi yet again without questioning her double standards in spite of her blatant lies.

Bigg Boss organizers are once again showing off their biased nature towards certain contestants whom they wanted to be in the house until final week.



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