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Akhil Shares How Over Exposure Troubled Him

Akhil Shares How Over Exposure Troubled Him

Akhil Akkineni has acknowledged that his entry into the film industry coincided with the rise of social media and resulted in overexposure. He said his fans had high expectations of him at that time.

Speaking to Great Andhra, he clarified that he prefers to work on large-scale projects. Akhil recently gave an interview to the media regarding his latest film, Agent.

When asked about his preference for working with directors, he stated that he prefers to collaborate with renowned filmmakers, but said that they have to approach him. He also emphasized the importance of working with like-minded individuals. 

Regarding his debut film's failure, Akhil admitted to feeling disappointed and spending some time alone. However, he emphasized that he has a positive relationship with his father and that they are good friends. He also noted that his mother has a positive outlook on everything.

Speaking about his latest film, Akhil discussed his initial reservations about the script and how it took some time to find the right balance. He assured fans that the film's emotional content would resonate with Telugu audiences and that there would be a mix of drama in the second half.

Akhil said that takes self-criticism seriously and often analyzes his performances. He believes that this practice has helped him improve and receive positive feedback from others. Finally, he emphasized his desire to experiment and take on challenging roles without fear, as he believes the audience is ready for it.


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