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Akhil Akkineni Says This Is Nonsense

Akhil Akkineni Says This Is Nonsense

Young Akkineni hero Akhil is surely annoyed by the rumors that are being spread about his next film. Akhil took to Twitter to put an end to the rumors that director Vamsi Paidipalli walked out of his film.

Akhil is baffled by online and print media constantly targeting him without even verifying the facts before publishing.

Akhil called these as nonsensical rumors and said that his project with Vamsi Paidipalli is very much on.

“Writing false info without confirming is not only damaging but also hurts your credibility. Vamshi and I are very much working together,” Akhil tweeted.

He requested media ‘friends’ to feel free to contact his PR or manager to find the facts before spreading false news.

“My dear friends from the print and online media. I have a manager and a PR team. Please feel free to call or meet whenever you'd like!”

Akhil must be getting frustrated about so much attention towards his second film that is taking an eternity to start rolling. Hurry up Akhil, get back to work as soon as possible to put an end to these speculations.



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