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Agnyaathavaasi: The Critics' Take

Agnyaathavaasi: The Critics' Take

Trivikram-Pawan Kalyan are looked upon as a hit combination from the word go. So was the case with Agnyaathavaasi.

The film created ripples from the day it was announced. Then, came the news that it was based on the French film Largo Winch: The Heir Apparent.

After much speculation, the film finally hit the screens. This is what some critics had to say about the film:

The Hindu: Days before the release of Agnyaathavaasi, there was speculation if it has been ‘inspired by’ the French film Largo Winch. But it would suffice to say that for this story, of a son living in exile and stepping in at the right moment to save a business empire from sharks and in the process seeking his revenge, one doesn’t have to turn to world cinema for inspiration.

The Times Of India: Despite all the pomp and show, irrespective of its flaws, 'Agnyaathavaasi' could have still been an amazing ride had it either been taken seriously or been made with the same old Trivikram-Pawan Kalyan touch.

However, the film lacks soul, and it's only the title card that makes one believe that this one's been directed and penned by Trivikram.

Pawan Kalyan aces through his role as usual, even if his body language and expressions ooze disinterest. 

However, all is not lost, 'Agnyaathavaasi' still has the 'Powerstar' as the lead, so the ride is not all unenjoyable. Just don't expect the film to be filled with the usual PSPK-Trivikram style punch dialogues though, you will be left disappointed!

India Today: A done-to-death storyline, coupled with Pawan Kalyan's performance... we get Agnyaathavaasi.

It is amazing to see how Pawan Kalyan holds the interest of the audience without uttering a single word for 15 long minutes. But your amazement is cut short by the underwhelming screenplay by Trivikram Srinivas, who has showcased his writing skills in the past.

Khusboo's intentions and Pawan's intense expressions tell us that we're in for a revenge saga. But what follows thereafter is neither intense nor thrilling.

The Indian Express: The hero worship in the film is at a different level. Some character that dares to speak behind Abhisikth’s back ends up experiencing a sudden and violent coughing or a temporary paralysis.

Agnyaathavaasi is not the film we expected to see this holiday. It is strictly for fans of Power Star as Trivikram has spent the entire runtime gushing over Pawan Kalyan.

Hindustan Times: Trivikram Srinivas and ‘Power Star’ Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi starts off on a powerful note.

Marketed as an intense revenge drama, the beginning foretells of an engaging watch if not an edge-of-the-seat thriller. But, would that have fitted with the actor’s image of a commercial star?

The answer is no and the thriller is soon watered down with songs, romance, slapstick humour and action.

First Post: It’s neither funny to the extent that it should have been nor engaging enough to root for the characters.

Like a character in the film says - Sharma, Varma, Karma - those are the three words that actually make an impression long after watching the film.

Two big thumbs down. Everyone in Agnyaathavaasi deserved a better film. Maybe, when the dust settles down, someone needs to come out of exile to actually see how disappointing the film truly is.

The Hans India: This film has a weakest screenplay and we can call this as a weakest work from Trivikram Srinivas for the first time. There is Trivikram's mark completely missing in the movie.

On a whole, the film disappoints big time but is watchable once for Pawan Kalyan's screen presence.



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