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Actress About Her Rain Dance Experience

Actress About Her Rain Dance Experience

Neha Shetty is on a streak of film projects, consistently. After the recent release of "Bedurulanka," her upcoming film "Rules Ranjan" is now in the spotlight. However, Neha reveals that she faced a significant challenge during this journey.

For the very first time in her acting career, Neha Shetty had to perform a rain dance sequence for the movie "Rules Ranjan."

She describes this experience as a formidable test, particularly due to the physically demanding nature of the scene.

"Dancing for the 'Sammohanuda' song was incredibly challenging. It required me to dance amidst fire, water, flowers, and by a pool—all while getting drenched in the rain. It was physically demanding, but I believe hard work is essential for achieving excellence. In the end, it was all worth it", she said. 

Neha Shetty asserts that her role in "Rules Ranjan" is not limited to just the rain dance; her entire character has a lot to offer. She portrays a girl from Tirupati, and the film itself breaks away from the typical boy-girl love story.

"The story of 'Rules Ranjan' is unique; it's a blend of conflict, comedy, and a fresh narrative. It's not your typical boy-meets-girl tale. While there's a beautiful love theme, the storyline is distinct. Working with Kiran has been wonderful. He's a calm and humble actor on set, whereas I'm quite lively in front of the camera", she shared. 

Neha Shetty believes that, just like how Sridevi became iconic for her rain dance sequences, she hopes to achieve similar popularity through her rain dance performance in "Rules Ranjan."

The film is set to hit theaters this Friday.


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