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Aadikeshava Actress to Marry Her Boyfriend

Aadikeshava Actress to Marry Her Boyfriend

Vaisshnav Tej's film "Aadikeshava" turned out to be a box office disaster. However, the film marked the Telugu film debut of two Malayalam actors, Joju George and Aparna Das. 

Joju portrayed the villainous role in the film, while Aparna Das portrayed the role of Vaisshnav Tej's sister.

Following the failure of "Aadikeshava," Aparna Das did not receive any offers in Telugu cinema. Nonetheless, she remains actively engaged in the Malayalam film industry.

Recently, news emerged that she is getting married to her boyfriend.

The talented actress is rumored to be in a relationship with Malayalam actor Deepak Parambol. A photo of their wedding invitation is currently circulating on social media platforms.

According to the invitation, their wedding is scheduled for April 24th in Kerala.


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