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YVS Chowdary's Film With Pawan Kalyan

Though he has not scored any hits in the recent past and came up with crazy disasters, YVS Chowdary has got a mark of his own. 

He is tagged as one of the most passionate filmmakers in Tollywood and holds the credit of coming up with grand and rich films. And here is the latest one about him.

It is heard that YVS is already making plans to come up with a film that would have Pawan Kalyan in it. 

However, there is a condition to that. It is depending on the result of his upcoming movie ‘Rey’ which is due to hit the screens in February 2014. 

Buzz is that YVS is very determined of doing a film with Pawan.

It is not just about Pawan but also the many filmnagar folks and audience who are looking forward to see how YVS has made ‘Rey’. 

This is more like a do-or-die project for him if he has to regain his glory back. 

For now, the inside talk is that ‘Rey’ will create a sensation due to its grandeur, Sai Dharam’s energy and Shraddha Das’s powerful performance.