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Young Hero Puts On 10 Kilos

Young Hero Puts On 10 Kilos

The characters are changing and the canvass is changing. It's not that Telugu heroes did not experiment earlier, but the younger generation of heroes are taking experimenting a tad bit too seriously.

In the league of many new actors, Nikhil too has added 10 kilos to his figure. Reason? His next film which is a remake of Kannada hit Kirrack Party.

For the film, Nikhil was required to bulk up and so he flew to London to get specially trained in a gym there.

Already those who have seen his profile pictures and in real are going wow at his physique.

While Nikhil managed to back to back hits till Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada... his Keshava was an average hit. So, he being extra careful to make his hit spree continues.

Kirrack Party apart, Nikhil has another remake of Tamil hit Ganitan and Dil Raju's film that will be directed by Chandu Mondeti.

For now, Nikhil intends to put on more kilos, tone up and then release his pictures.



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