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Writer Kona Venkat's Joker Tweet

Writer Kona Venkat had earlier declared that Pawan Kalyan is his soul mate. 

The star writer has now come forward to attack on the likes of Mahesh Kathi, who have been uploading series of posts on Social Media against Pawan Kalyan and his party activities.

Although Pawan’s fans are equally responding in strong manner, their reactions are not being taken seriously by anyone.

From Tollywood, the celebrities have remained silent so far. No celebrity who has close association with Pawan Kalyan came forward to defend the star or issue the statements against the trollers and critics like Mahesh Kathi.

For the first time, Kona Venkat has responded on this. Without naming anyone, he tweeted that some “jokers” are going hyperactive thinking that Pawan Kalyan doesn’t do anything.

“Some Jokers are taking the silence of @PawanKalyan for granted... don’t...,” he tweeted.

Now that Kona Venkat is vociferous in expressing his anger against the Pawan Kalyan’s critics, it has to be seen whether he would find chorus.



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