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Will Varun Tej Get a Hit At All?

The career of Varun Tej is looking not so bright. He has couple of movies on hand and is getting good remuneration as well. Yet, he has no blockbuster in his career. "Kanche" was the sole success.

After delivering huge dud with 'Mister', he will now be testing his luck at box-office again with Sekhar Kammula's "Fidaa".

Sekhar Kammula has also gone out of form with his last two movies. He needs to prove his mettle again with 'Fidaa'.

The teaser of 'Fidda' is not at all interesting. On Saturday, he also launched another movie in the direction of newcomer. This film too is not hot project as per as distributors are concerned.

So his prospects for blockbuster are looking bleak at this moment. The lanky tall hero is handsome guy and he looked quite promising when he made debut. But he has not able to deliver a blockbuster. 



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