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Will They Strike Gold With Brahmotsavam Too!

PVP is on cloud nine with the response for Oopiri. PVP Cinema has taken a big gamble by doing such an experimental film on a huge scale. It has paid off as Oopiri took a flying start at the box office. Producers are being lauded for backing this project.

Despite making some interesting projects like Varna and Size Zero prior to this, PVP Cinema couldn’t find luck as the directors let them down.

They have finally found rhythm with Kshanam that has proved to be a hit commercially and critically. Oopiri puts them on a different level altogether. The long wait for a big hit is finally over.

Expectations on their upcoming film Brahmotsavam will surely rise after Oopiri’s success. Can they strike gold with that movie too?

Producers didn’t sell Oopiri distribution rights as they had confidence in the project. Buyers were skeptical about the film as Nagarjuna was playing a paraplegic and Karthi is not a big star. So PVP Cinema took the risk of releasing it.

Even Brahmotsavam rights are not sold in major areas like Nizam as PVP believe that it will be a huge hit.



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