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Will There Be Takers For Puri?

Puri Jagannadh did it again. He has used the same old story and rehashed it to make a mass entertainer. However, like his most recent films, the effort failed to make any meaningful impact on the audiences.

Long, long ago, 11 years to be precise, Puri made Pokiri with Mahesh Babu. The film was a super duper hit and the rest was history. But after that hit, Puri hasn't been able to repeat the magic. All his films since then have been on similar lines.

He has experimented with various combinations in the hope of getting a hit, but none of his films have achieved the success that Pokiri got. He did have a hit or two on the way, but none could reach the scale of Pokiri.

Once again, with Paisa Vasool, he used the same framework. The hero is shown as a good-for-nothing guy, of course on a mission. This time, Puri had declared that his film will be total 'Paisa Vasool' for Balayya's fans. The very fact that Puri and Balakrishna were working together created huge buzz.

But once again, Puri has only disappointed Balayya's fans with the film. Since there is no story, he filled the film with songs and fights to catch the attention of mass audiences. Unfortunately, that didn't work out.

Already, top heroes have been avoiding Puri. And Puri hasn't been able to do justice to heroes who are working with him. Now with "Paisa Vasool", it remains to be seen which hero will agree to work with him next.



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