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Will The 'Rough' Look Suit Him?

Will The 'Rough' Look Suit Him?

The industry already has a good number of mass heroes. So, the young heroes can happily do romantic films and while away their time with medium range hits.

But many heroes who come into the industry dream of doing action roles and showing off their six packs.

Now, Sai Kumar’s son Aadi is trying to fulfill his with the action film Rough.

Apparently, he pumped iron for the film and will be seen shirtless doing stunts. And he is also said to have mouthed heavy dialogues. But it remains to be seen how far the look would suit Aadi and what the audience response would be.

Video: Rough Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer

In the past, Nithin did the same mistake of trying to do action films and ended up nowhere before coming back in the romantic mould. It took him nearly eight years to revive his sinking career.

The million dollar question is will all the hard work pay off for Aadi?



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