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Will Tamannah Be Lucky At Least This Time?

Will Tamannah Be Lucky At Least This Time?

Glamour girl Tamannah has a lot of dreams to make it big in Bollywood. She expressed her desire long ago and ran after one or two offers in Bollywood, when she was at the peak of her career in Telugu film industry.

She desperately tried for roles in Mumbai, claiming that she was actually a North Indian girl and was forced to do films in South because of her bad time. She even offered to settle down in Mumbai, if she got enough roles there.

However, her attempts in Hindi film industry ended up as disasters – whether it was “Himmatwala” with Ajay Devgn or “Hum Shakals,” which were released with high expectations but bombed at the box office.

So, Tamannah had to return to the South to act in Telugu and Tamil films one after the other to sustain her career. She regained her glory with the tremendous success of Baahubali, followed by Bengal Tiger and Oopiri, both of them turned out to be hits.

And it brought her an offer in a Hindi film, too, which is going to be directed by Rohit Shetty. So, the milky beauty has got yet another chance to try her luck in Bollywood, her dreamland.

Apparently, the Hindi film makers have decided to give her one more chance only because of her success track in South, though her earlier films in Bollywood were disasters.

Let’s see whether Tamannah would make use of the latest offer and settle down in Bollywood which is her dream destination!



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