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Will Dil Raju and Charan Combo Happen?

Dil Raju has already got confirmation from Ram Charan regarding dates, but the onus now lies on the star producer to bring in excellent director with a good story.

Had “DJ” become a hit, Dil Raju would not have faced problems in finding a director. Though he planned to take Harish Shankar for Ram Charan’s project, now Harish has become a ‘persona non grata’ for top stars.

So, Dil Raju is thinking of getting ‘Nenu Local’ director’s new project for Ram Charan. ‘Nenu Local’ director Trinadha Rao and writer Bejawada Prasanna have prepared a story for a medium range hero, but Dil Raju believes that if hero’s characterization is changed a bit, it will suit Ram Charan.

Naturally, there are doubts about Ram Charan saying yes to a director who has mostly made youth stories with small and medium range stars? Will Ram Charan say yes to Dil Raju?

Dil Raju has been delivering hits with small-budget movies and medium range heroes, but he also wants big star projects on his banner. He has already lined up Mahesh Babu’s 25th movie.



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