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Will Charan's Success Rub Off Him?

There was a time when Ram Charan got too repetitive and the critics and audiences were after him to try something new. That was when he did Dhruva.

The film was the remake of Tamil hit Thani Oruvan and Charan took up the challenge of remaking it in Telugu. Despite the film having a strong villain, Charan took on the film and it worked.

The film released last December and it gave a different image to Charan. To put it shortly, it worked for Charan.

Now, his cousin Sai Dharam Teja is trying to do the same to his career. Sai Dharam Teja is presently shooting for the film Jawaan. One look at the trailer of the film and you can feel that it is similar to Dhruva.

The film is slated for release in December and Sai Dharam Teja too is banking big time on the film. Just like Charan back then, Teja is going through a low phase and he is looking to Jawaan to revive his career.

The film is associated with Dil Raju, so it is getting as much pre-release publicity as possible. Now, it remains to be seen if Sai Dharam Teja can repeat his cousin's magic!



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