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Will Allu Arjun Attend Mega Event Tomorrow?

Many heroes have come from megastar Chiranjeevi's family, a girl from their family is entering into film industry for the first time. She is none other than Telly anchor Konidela Niharika, daughter of Naga Babu, Chiranjeevi's brother.

Niharika's first film "Oka Manasu" will be having its audio launch tomorrow in Hyderabad. She has invited all top stars of mega family including Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Sai Dharam Tej and her brother Varun Tej.

While Allu Arjun has already given his confirmation long back, some say he may not attend now in the wake of the recent controversy about Pawan Kalyan.

Since Pawan Kalyan's fans have declared that they will shout "Choosukuntam brother" whenever Allu Arjun comes to a public function, the stylish star reportedly is now having second thoughts of attending.

But other sources say he will definitely attend the function as he wants to extend support to Naga Babu's daughter and she is the first girl to debut as actor from mega family.

Due to the recent controversy, the audio function has become the hottest event.



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