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Will 'Agnatavasi' Meet Deadline?

One deadly and sure-shot combination in Telugu is surely that of Pawan Kalyan and director Trivikram. Right now, their tentatively titled film Agnatavasi is on the sets.

After a lot of dilly-dallying, the unit has confirmed a Sankranthi, 2018, release. But the latest buzz in industry is that the film is not progressing at the rate it should.

While the film's production house Harika and Hassine Productions maintains that the film is progressing swiftly, talk is that the film requires another 50 days of work to complete, at the least. But news from Harika and Hassine insists that there is 30 days of shoot remaining.

However, 50 days seems to be a probable figure as the unit has to shoot songs in UK. Added to that, there will be personal reasons for both the film's hero and director to take breaks during schedules. All this will add up to 50 days. And the shooting part will be complete only by November ending.

The post-production is likely to take around 30 days. Usually, 30 days is a long time, but given Trivikram's perfection and Pawan Kalyan's Rs 150 crore film, it does not seem too long.

In between, the team will have to accommodate days for Pawan Kalyan's wife's delivery and his political meets if any.

Since the run-up to elections has started, one does not know how things will shape up. Given these reasons, Agnatavasi's unit are under pressure to meet the Sankranthi deadline.



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