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Why Remaking A Flop Film?

Victory Venkatesh is fond of remaking films of other languages. Many of the films that he had done so far were all remakes of other language films which were big hits in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi film industries.

If at all there is any hero, who had done equal number of straight films and remakes, it is only Venkatesh. He has been following this formula right from the beginning and he has not changed his style at all.

The latest news is that Venkatesh is doing a remake of Hindi film “Saala Khuddoos.” The film, starring Madhavan in the lead role, was made in Hindi and Tamil; and now, Venkatesh has decided to do it in Telugu.

Though there was a talk about it for quite some time, it was confirmed now by his brother Suresh Babu. He declared that the film would be made with Visakhapatnam as the backdrop.

Interestingly, the film starring Madhavan, which was no doubt an excellent experimental film, was a failure commercially. It made huge losses in Hindi, though it received wide appreciation from critics. Yet, Venkatesh evinced interest in doing the remake of this film.

In fact, Venkatesh had bitter experiences with the remake of some of the hit films of other languages as they ended up as failures. So, the fact that he is prepared to do remake of a flop film itself shows how much he got excited with the story.



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