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Why Rajamouli Is Smarter Than RGV

SS Rajamouli has proved to be a smarter man than Ram Gopal Varma. While RGV uses his intelligence towards branding himself as a person, SS Rajamouli used the same towards generating UNPRECEDENTED HYPE for his film ‘Baahubali’ rather than his persona.

The resultant effect has been that even Rajamouli is now a household name across the nation thanks to his acumen.  

And perhaps there is a lesson in this for RGV which is: Shift your focus back to your work and fame will come of its own accord.

Merely running after fame by making sensational statements might get RGV a lot of publicity but that will in no way help his films.

Look at the result now: It is Rajamouli who is laughing his way to the bank.



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