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Why Is Naidu Running After Rajamouli?

Why Is Naidu Running After Rajamouli?

The way Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu is running after national-award winning director S S Rajamouli these days has raised several doubts among the political observers.

For the sake of public consumption, the officials have been saying that Naidu is fascinated by the designs of imaginary city Maahishmati created by Rajamouli for his magnum opus films Baahubali-1 and 2 and that he wants to replicate the same in the construction of Amaravati, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh.

They say Naidu wants to engage the services of Rajamouli to fine tune the designs made by London-based firm Norman Fosters and Parnters in accordance with the Telugu culture.

Though Rajamouli initially did not evince interest saying he was not an architect but only a film maker, Naidu was firm that the director’s help should be taken for Amaravati designs. As a result, Rajamouli had no option but to agree to Naidu’s request.

However, the official version is far from believing. Naidu is not such a fool to believe that Rajamouli can design the structures of Amaravati.

He knows pretty well that Rajamouli is just a director and the graphic part was designed by somebody else. And the CM is also aware that filmy designs do not suit the ultra-modern designs of the capital buildings.

So, why is Naidu insisting on engaging Rajamouli? Sources say the actual reason is different. The TDP chief wants to rein in young actor NTR through Rajamouli. Apparently, he has come to know that NTR and Rajamouli are thick friends and the former treats the director as an elder brother and advisor. He values Rajamouli’s words very much.

Initially, Naidu tried to patch up with NTR by luring the latter’s father Nandamuri Harikrishna by offering him Rajya Sabha ticket or TTD chairman post. Though Harikrishna has not been very active in party politics, Naidu continued him in the politburo. But NTR is not showing any interest in returning to the TDP fold.

During the pre-release function of Jai Lava Kusa, too, NTR told his father: “Sorry dad, I have decided to be with my fans for the rest of my life,” indicating that he would not like to come back to politics in any manner.

But, Naidu wants NTR to at least campaign for the TDP in the 2019 elections. Since Harikrishna is helpless, he thought of using the Rajamouli card to rein in NTR. That is precisely why, Naidu is so keen on engaging the director.

Let us see whether NTR will oblige to Rajamouli’s request and campaign for the TDP!



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