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Why Is Dil Raju Into Number Game?

Why Is Dil Raju Into Number Game?

What's in a name said Shakespeare. What's in a number say many industry people. But producer with Midas touch Dil Raju seems to be decided on hitting the target he has on mind.

He says he wants to ensure that he releases 6 films this year. Since his next film MCA, Middle Class Abbayi, will clash with Hello, Dil Raju had contemplated to shift the release date to Sankranti season.

However, since he is decided on releasing six films this year, he finally decided to pit MCA against Hello.

He is also insisting that MCA will be a double hat-trick film under his banner.

While DJ did not do well at the box-office, Dil Raju has conveniently chosen to hoodwink the same and has added the film into his blockbusters list. So is the case with Raja The Great.

While some buyers did have some losses, overall, the film broke even. So he added the film as another blockbuster.

Apart from developing a craze to claiming that all his films are a hit, Dil Raju has also developed a craze to set new records.

Talk is that he has a target of producing 7-8 films next year and that he is taking all steps to make sure that heroes and directors don't leave his camp.



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